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[ Snacks ]

with melted cheddar, sweet corn relish, sweet & smoky bbq sauce, chipotle crème, fresh pico de gallo and pickled jalapeños 9.95

fried crisp and tossed in choice of hoisin glaze, sweet & smoky bbq sauce or jerk spice 9.95

Fried Pickle Chips
with white bbq dipping sauce 8.95

Soft Pretzels
housemade pretzels with sea salt and your choice of smoked cheddar or mustard sauce 8.95

crisp corn tortilla chips with smoked chili cheddar sauce, jalapeños, lime creme and fresh pico de gallo 7.95
add your choice of pulled pork, pulled smoked chicken or crumbled black bean patty: 3.95

Belly Up
tender braised pork belly served with cheddar grits and smoked peanuts 8.95

house-smoked Heritage Farm turkey in a rich herb broth with seasonal vegetables 4.95

served warm with orange honey butter for 50¢ each or a basket of six 2.50

[ Sliders ]

2.50 each or a basket of five with fries 11.95
Grilled angus beef with cheddar cheese and secret sauce
Pulled pork house smoked with bbq sauce on the side
Pulled chicken with mustard bbq sauce and pickled onions
TURKEY with tzatziki sauce
Veggie grilled lentil & rice patty with spices and red pepper aioli


add a cup of soup for 2.95. add a grilled chicken breast: 4.95 or grilled salmon: 5.95

Market Salad
ever-changing fresh seasonal ingredients. large 7.95 or small 4.95

Harvest Salad
mixed greens with white cheddar cheese, candied walnuts, roasted pears and apple cider vinaigrette large 8.95 or small 5.95

grilled steak with sweet and spicy crust, blue cheese-bacon dressing, smoked tomatoes, wedge iceberg lettuce and toasted pecans 14.95

smoked hand pulled chicken breast with avocado, crispy jalapeños, green apple-corn relish, tortilla chips, spicy-orange vinaigrette and fresh spinach 12.95


[ Burgers ]

all with housemade pickles and bbq potato chips. all available with a grilled chicken breast instead of beef for no extra charge. substitute fries or sweet potato fries: 1.00

Tractor Burger *
a half pound beef patty on a soft bakery roll with secret sauce and shredded lettuce 9.95
make it a double 14.95

Carnivore Burger *
a half pound beef patty topped with pulled pork, bacon, smoked cheddar and fried jalapeño chips 12.95

Black, Blue & Bacon Burger *
blackened with cajun spices, topped with blue cheese, crisp bacon and sweet onion jam 10.95

bulgogi Turkey burger
fresh ground turkey marinated in a Korean bbq with fresh kimchi and sweet toasted sesame mayo on a soft roll 10.95

Black Bean Burger
housemade vegetarian patty grilled with sweet corn relish, gouda cheese, fresh avocado, lettuce & tomato 9.95

add any of the following toppings for 75¢ each: Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, fried jalapeño chips, corn salsa, sweet onion jam, bacon, grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, fried egg, pimiento cheese

[ Sandwiches ]

substitute fries or sweet potato fries: 1.00

Beef Brisket
sliced brisket on a hoagie roll with grilled onions, chimichurri sauce and slaw on the side 10.95

Pulled Pork Sandwich
house-smoked pulled pork on a soft roll with a side of slaw 9.95

Bar-be-Cue-ban Sandwich
pulled pork on a griddled roll with Swiss cheese, fresh bacon, jalapeño chips and mustard aioli 10.95

crazy grain
grilled patty of spiced lentils & rice topped with red pepper aioli, pickled avocado and fresh spinach on a toasted bun 9.95

El Camino
slow smoked pulled pork topped with a fried egg, salsa verde, Swiss cheese and pickled onions on a grilled roll 10.95

Pastrami Reuben
house-brined, house-smoked pastrami hand carved on grilled rye with slaw, Swiss cheese and white bbq sauce on the side 10.95

Pulled Chicken
house-smoked chicken with mustard bbq sauce, cheddar cheese and pickled onions 9.50

smoked turkey breast layered with gouda cheese, coleslaw and 1000 Island dressing on grilled sourdough bread 9.50

The Plow
hand pulled pork with cheddar cheese sauce, bread & butter pickles and mixed greens
on a soft roll 9.95

[ Barbecue & Smoke ]

all of our meats are smoked in-house using fruitwood at a low temperature for 14 – 18 hours,
low and slow! add a small market salad: 3.95 or a cup of soup: 2.95

Baby Back Ribs
slow cooked, chargrilled with sweet and smoky bbq sauce, and served with fries and slaw.
half slab 16.95 • full slab 24.95

Smoked Beef Brisket
house-smoked with spicy dry rub and sliced over smashed potatoes with fresh vegetables 16.95

Thai BBQ Salmon
pan-seared salmon with sesame pickled vegetables and a Thai coconut milk bbq sauce over scallion-corn griddle cakes 17.95

Carolina Pulled Pork
spice-rubbed, slow-smoked, hand-pulled pork shoulder with fresh vegetables and sharp cheddar grits 15.95

Triple Mac & Cheese
with smoked cheddar, gouda, Wisconsin aged cheddar and toasted breadcrumb crust 11.95
add pulled pork with Carolina bbq sauce, pulled chicken with mustard bbq sauce or crumbled black bean patty: 3.95

Hone y Cracklin ’ Chicken
half chicken, dry-rub roasted, fried, and finished with a honey coriander glaze over grits and greens 15.95

grilled house recipe sausages that change with the seasons. served with balsamic baked beans and fresh vegetables 14.95

Mac & Blue
with pulled smoked chicken, buffalo hot sauce, crumbled blue cheese, triple cheese sauce and herb bread crumb crust 14.95

BBQ Plate
baby back ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket with balsamic baked beans and sharp cheddar grits 19.95
substitute a sausage link for any meat if you like, or add one: 4.95

[ Odds & Ends ]

brisket GREENS 2.95
Crispy Brussels Sprouts 3.95
fresh market vegatables 2.95


Brewed in the cellar, our beers are fresh, tasty and cold

Bearded Pig CREAM ALE
2010 World Beer Championship Silver Medal. This light-bodied ale is brewed using American 6 row and 2 row barley and hopped gently using Pacific Northwest hops. Its flavor is slighty sweet, malty and finishes dry. It’s crisp, clean and refreshing.
4.50/pint • 2.95/half pint • 15.95/pitcher • half gallon growler To-Go 13/11 refill

Bumper Crop IPA
2011 World Beer Championship Gold Medal. Bumper Crop is an American-style IPA brewed with pale and caramel malts, chock full of American hops. This beer is full of intense hop flavor and aroma.
4.95/pint • 3.50/half pint • 17.95/pitcher • half gallon growler To-Go 17/15 refill

This medium-bodied amber is brewed using Wisconsin 2 row barley, roasted barley, and a variety of caramel malts. It’s a well-balanced beer with toasted malt character and slight fruitiness that finishes
with a small amount of hop bitterness.
4.75/pint • 3.25/half pint • 16.95/pitcher • half gallon growler To-Go 15/13 refill

A full-bodied dark ale with roasted barley and chocolate malts, balanced with American hops and fermented with American ale yeast.
4.75/pint • 3.25/half pint • 16.95/pitcher • half gallon growler To-Go 15/13 refill

ask your server about our latest inspirations.

[ Signature Tractor Cocktails ]

Porch Swing Hootch
Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka, citrus vodka and lemonade, served tall 7.50

Southern Peach
bourbon, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and grenadine, served tall 7.50

fresh lime, lemon and orange slices with citrus vodka, blue curacao, Malibu rum and lemonade, served tall over ice 7.00

Bulleit bourbon, fresh mint leaves, orange and lemon slices, demerara syrup and Cointreau liqueur, finished with mango nectar and served on the rocks 8.00

Fo’ Swizzle
Citrus vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao and pineapple juice served tall 7.50

Le Flor
Raspberry vodka, Elderberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice housemade simple syrup, served chilled 8.00

spring fling
Reisling wine, berry vodka, brandy, fresh strawberries, slices of lemon & lime, and Sprite served tall over ice 7.00

Riesling, citrus vodka and X-rated Fusion liqueur, finished with Sprite and served tall over ice 7.00

Falls Flirtation
Ruffino Moscato, orange infused bourbon, triple sec, hand-squeezed orange juice, and soda
served tall 7.50

[ Bourbon and Rye ]

fine sippin’ whiskey – on the rocks, neat or up

Bourbon Whiskey
Wild Turkey 7.00
Knob Creek 8.50
Baker’s 9.50
Booker’s 11.00
Basil Hayden 9.00
Elijah Craig 12-year 9.50
Maker’s Mark 8.00
Rock Hill Farms 10.50
Buffalo Trace 8.00
Woodford Reserve 8.00

Blue tractor angels envy
specially blended exclusively for Blue Tractor by the folks at AE 8.00

Rye Whiskey
Bulleit 95 8.00
Russell Reserve 7.50

[ Wine ]

Casillero del Diablo Merlot, Chile 8 gl 30 btl
Budini Malbec, Argentina 7 gl 26 btl
2 Up Shiraz, Australia 8 gl 32 btl
Sea Glass Pinot Noir, California 7.50 gl 28 btl
Trivento Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina 7.50 gl 28 btl
Michael David,“7 Deadly Zins” Zinfandel, Cailfornia 10 gl 40 btl
Cupcake Red Velvet Blend, Cailfornia 7.50 gl 28 btl

Alois Lageder ‘Riff’ Pinot Grigio, Italy 8 gl 30 btl
Walnut Crest Chardonnay, Chile 7 gl 25 btl
Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, Washington 8 gl 32 btl
Dreaming Tree Chardonnay, California 12 gl 45 btl
Ruffino Muscato, Italy 9 gl 36 btl
Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand 8 gl 30 btl


all made in-house from scratch

with fresh whipped cream 5.95

Seasonal Tart
with luscious filling and shortbread crust 5.95

vanilla ice cream between chocolate chip cookies with fudge sauce and whipped cream 6.95

20 ounces of decadence. chocolate, vanilla or cookies & cream 5.95

[ 1/2 Off Draft Beer ]

Happy Hour:
        Monday – Friday, 3pm – 6pm
“Late Night” Happy Hour:
        Sunday – Thursday, 10pm – midnight


[ In The News]

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Award-winning craft beer and expertly made barbecue combine in an atmosphere blending rock music, reclaimed barn–wood walls and a little barbecue smoke.  —Courtney Balestier  >> Read full article

Blue Tractor Wins Best ofs Detroit Award


1/2 Sandwich Special
Monday - Friday 11am - 4pm half of our sandwich du jour, a bowl of soup or small house salad, and chips $8.50

Pig and a Pint
Every Monday "Pig and a Pint" One Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich, chips, creamy slaw and your choice of a pint of any of our craft beers for $7.95 all day long!

Spring Lunch Special
Stop in and try our Green Market menu. Monday - Friday 11am - 4pm for a limited time.


  • [ Hours of Operation ]

    Sunday 12pm – Midnight
    Monday – Wednesday 11am – Midnight
    Thursday – Saturday 11am – 2am
    (kitchen closes at 10 pm on Sundays, 11 pm Mon – Thurs, and midnight on Fri and Sat)
  • A: 207 East Washington, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    T: 734.222.4095
    E: BlueTractorBBQ@mission86.com